SZARP Control Center's new look

SCC - SZARP Control Center an 'entry point' to SZARP clients' applications: draw, reporter, extractor gained a new look. It is no longer visible as a standalone SZARP icon floating on the desktop. New version of SCC appears as a small icon docked at a taskbar, an intention of this change is to make SZARP behavior to be more consistent with majority of desktop applications and also make SZARP seemingly less 'intrusive' - previous version of SCC was always visible on top of all desktop windows.

SZARP for Ubuntu

APT Repository of SZARP got a new branch - jaunty. New branch contains a version of SZARP prepared for Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope distribution.
You can get access to this branch by adding following entry to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:
deb jaunty main contrib non-free
The installation procedure is the same as with Debian distribution.

New administration intreface for synchronizer users

A new SZARP module is available - sssweb - web interface to manage SZARP synchronization server users' accounts. Beside administrator interface, there are also pages for users - you can browse your settings, change password or request reset of forgotten password. Interface is available from menu (Sync users) or directly at

SZARP 3.0 released

Experimental branch of SZARP source code has beem merged to trunk - and that means that after years of development we have official 3.0 release.

There are many changes and enhancements in most of the SZARP components - some of them are visible to users, some affects internal system mechanisms.

Most important changes in 3.0 (some of them where available also in 2.3 transitional version):

Heat exchanger demo

Animation of Praterm technology heating substation
is available at

Animation uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and JavaScript, so SVG-enable browser is required (tested under Mozilla Firefox and Opera).

Page is driven by real technology data from Chrzanów district heating system, gathered by SZARP software. 'Paramd' HTTP server from experimental SZARP branch can serve historical data presented in XML.


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